Most Fun Crypto Real Game Platform

G-Box Platform is a new open blockchain game platform for every game out in the market that synthesizes the advantages of both blockchain and games. GBX is a new cryptocurrency for game industries in new game platform.

Remote Crypto Game (BETA)

you can test real games remotely using G-Box coins. Be the first to experience the expandability of G-Box and the infinite possibilities of O2O games in real life through real-life claw machine. The future of G-BOX is together with you then.

Please log-in after you join us

Join G-Box homepage and log-in. You are free to join the platform and log-in. Your private information is stored safely.

Purchase G-Box(GBX) Coins.

Purchase G-Box Coins. You can test remote claw game as soon as you purchase G-Box coins. G-BOX will lead the remote crypto game industry.

Start Play!!

Enjoy games with G-Box coins!! You will be rewarded with GBX coins when you successfully pick up dolls with remote claw machine. Go-Box coin will be listed on exchange market and be traded.

G-Box Platform is the optimal platform for users and game developers.

Users can transparently check the information about games, and can purchase games easily.

Game developers can make various attempts and challenges through connections with blockchain while maintaining the performance of the existing games.

GBX is the standard cryptocurrency of G-Box Platform Ecosystems.

Users can purchase in-game currency without other methods of payment, and they can change in-game currency with GBX.

Game developers can receive profit with no worries on excessive fee, and they can participate in various transaction using blockchain such as ERC20, ERC 721.

G-Box Core Services

G-Box Platform is a game-friendly blockchain platform that reflects the benefits of blockchain and games.

G-Box is structured based on hybrid blockchain with consideration of the stability and transparency of games.

G-Box Blockchain

G-Box is a hybrid blockchain that reflects transparency, the advantage of blockchain, and centralization, the characteristic of games; it supports the expandability of games through blockchain.


Participate in games and purchase various services using GBX, the basis of G-Box Platform ecosystem.

G-Box Game

Offers the synthesis of existing games and blockchain games. In-game currency can be purchased using GBX.

G-Box Wallet

Wallet issued when joining G-Box Platform supports GBX, Payment Management, Game Accounts Management.

G-Box Payment

Purchase services or merchandizes online and offline using GBX.

G-Box P2P Exchange

GBX can be used for purchasing and exchanging game items, in-game currency, and games.

G-Box Global Chain.

  • Chinese & South Korea
    G-Box Game & Blockchain
    GBX Crypto Auction Exchange

  • Unite State
    G-Box Game & Blockchain
    GBX Crypto Auction Exchange
    G-Box Payment

  • Europe / East – South Asia
    G-Box Game & Blockchain
    GBX Crypto Auction Exchange

G-Box Real Crypto Game
G-Box Real Crypto Game, G-Box Payment
GBX Exchange Global

G-Box Platform Structure

Core business structure is established for providing the first new remote crypto games in game industries.

G-Box Platform

GBX can be purchased in exchange sites and be changed as in-game currency at G-Box Game. GBX can be used for online and offline transaction.


Receive G-Box Wallet when you join G-Box Platform, and G-Box Wallet can be used to log-in to games, manage GBX, and manage transaction.

Game Developer

Blockchain can be connected with no special knowledge using G-Box Platform SDK, and you can receive profit on game in GBX.

White Paper download

G-Box (GBX), G-Box Game , G-Box Payment White Paper download

Token Sale Information

  • 33m
  • 75m
Softcap in 30 days Token Hardcap

G-Box Frequently Questions

Frequently Asked Questions on GBX.

How many coins are issued?

Total supply : 8,800,000,000 coins. Coins will be first issued as ERC Token, based on Ethereum platform.

How can we purchase GBX?

You can purchase GBX by joining our homepage and receiving GBX Wallet. You can test games in real time. Send us inquiry through Contact Us, and we will give you more details on how to participate in GBX.

What is the ratio of pre-sale and what is the pricing policy?

10% of total coins will be sold during pre-sale period. The price starts at $0.00254 USD.

What is the sales plan after pre-sale?

We are planning to sell 1.6% of total coins as $0.00339 USD through IEO.

Our Token Distribution

G-BOX Coin is an ERC 20 Token with a total of 8.8 billion units, allocated as follows.

Token Allocation

Token Distrbution